#1 The Traditional Gujarati Saree Drape

This drape is typically used with a heavy silk or Banarsi saree. It is a great way to highlight the best part of the saree, the pallu.

If you want to change up your saree draping or want to show off that beautiful pallu, try this Gujarati style.

We love this draping of this wedding saree by Manish Malhotra as it highlights the vibrant pink pallu.

#2 The Dhoti Saree Drape

This is a versatile drape for children to adults. It is very stylish and yet surprisingly comfortable.

When draped on the little ones they can run around without tripping over the yards of saree bundled around them.

For adults, add a few accessories such as a belt and a necklace and you have a trendy new look.

Here is another fun Manish Malhotra saree draped in the dhoti style.

#3 The Belted Half Saree Drape

This gorgeous South Indian Kanjeevaram saree is the perfect way to highlight the belted half saree drape. This maroon and green pairs perfectly with the delicate gold belt.

Finish off this South Indian style by adding fragrant mogra flowers to complete the look.

#4 The Saree Drape With a Jacket

This look is most often seen in high fashion on the runway or draped by Bollywood stars on the red carpet. Besides looking unique and adding a whole new flare, this draping is quite convenient for cold weather and evenings. The jacket can be worn either under as a choli blouse, over the ensemble or half way in and out.

#5 The Floating Saree Drape

This last look is simple and our favorite. This elegant look is often seen at parties, weddings or fancy events. It is not convenient for an every day drape so seen less often in day to day life saree draping.




What is your favorite way to drape a saree?